Seriously game industry, You need to knock it off period (Video game crash rant)

3 Incidents these past 2 weeks involving the video game industry(Konami, Nintendo and S-E) that took my consumer confidence down so far(to the point of burnout) and continues to frustrate me, Here’s konami with a Bug in their most Recent game

Releasing at the start of this month, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is shaping up to be plenty of gamers’ early contending choice for game of the year. However, it looks like the game isn’t without its fair share of troubling bugs.

Some gamers are reporting running into issues when undertaking specific missions while using Quiet as a companion. Addressing the problem, Metal Gear Solid V publisher Konami published an official support notice warning users of a known bug than can occur while selecting the sniper buddy at certain points in the game’s story campaign.

According to Konami, paying Mission 29 or Mission 42 in Metal Gear Solid V while accompanied by Quiet can trigger a rare bug that causes the current save file to become completely corrupted. The result causes all Metal Gear Solid V save data to become unreadable, meaning users could fully lose all of their progress. As such, Konami is recommending that players refrain from playing with Quiet during the affected missions.

“In ‘METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN’ which was released on September 1st, 2015 there is a possibility that the game stops progress if having Quiet as a buddy while playing “Mission 29″ or “Mission 42″. This situation can be avoided by not using Quiet as a buddy while playing either “Mission 29″ or “Mission 42″.

We deeply apologize, and appreciate your patience for further announcements regarding this issue.”

The publisher has confirmed that the file corruption bug has been seen across all platforms, so Metal Gear Solid V players should be cautious of the issue regardless of what system they own. An IGN report on the issue states that Konami claims that a fix for the bug is currently in development.

Quiet is one of four companion characters that can help players take on missions within Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain as part of the game’s new buddy system. Each of followers has their own unique abilities to help achieve different objectives. The sniper Quiet is the only available human buddy in the game. Gamers can also deploy a horse, a dog, and their own robotic walker unit in Metal Gear Solid V.

At this point Kojima needs to realize that I don’t like his games due to his mishandling of some of Konami’s games

Next Square-enix and their Preorder Scandal

You have to wonder: is Square Enix even paying attention anymore? The company just released its pre-order trailer for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, arguably its most hyped western developed game coming in the next year.

The trailer is a ridiculous mess of convoluted pre-order incentives. The game won’t even release until late February of next year, and gamers have more options to pre-order than I can even remember off the top of my head. Here, watch the hilariously bad trailer.

The clip came out yesterday, and we covered it in all of its convoluted insanity. I read Eric’s story, but, I have to be honest, as soon as the clip started, my eyes glazed over and I clicked away. I didn’t even watch the thing until I checked it today and saw the like-to-dislike ratio it was pulling in.

Now that I’ve seen it? Woof. Square Enix, come on now.

If you exist in even small online communities for gamers, you know that there’s a huge counter-culture to pre-ordering games that’s been surging quite a bit recently. Blame it on the likes of Assassin’s Creed Unity and Batman: Arkham Knight, if you like. Companieshave been releasing broken games. Whether that’s because of the jump in console generations or the large stress put on small work forces, we’re not sure, but games seem to be more broken than ever.

Even with all those failed launches, companies like Square Enix, Warner Bros. and Ubisoft are still banging the pre-order drum. In the face of gamers telling folks to never pre-order and sites running editorials about how much better off we’d all be if we just waited for launch day, we get this trailer. We get this crazy amalgam of pre-order incentives that are not only set up to encourage you to fork over your money before actually seeing how it does out in the wild, but it encourages you to tell your friends to pre-order.

That’s the real kicker here. We’re something like 175 days before the actual release date of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and not only has Square Enix released a trailer asking us to pre-order the game, but they’ve come up with a scheme to launch it four days early if we hit the arbitrary pre-order numbers they have in place.

We’re 175 days away from launch, and they’re actually trying to excite us into seeing the game four days early. Four days. Get real.

I have nothing but love for Deus Ex. Eidos made a wonderful game with Human Revolution, and I’m really looking forward to Mankind Divided. These pre-order incentives, though?

Pre-ordering used to be how we made sure we’d have a copy of a game at launch. There were real shortages in the 90s and 2000s. I remember having to wait a few extra weeks for Ocarina of Time at launch because I didn’t pre-order. Thanks to digital distribution, the need to pre-order on the part of the consumers is gone. The publishers wanted us going digital. Well, we’re here, now stop telling us to pre-order games. There’s literally no point now. It’s available when we want it on launch day, and the incentives these folks are handing out aren’t worth the $60 you’ll spend on what could very well be a broken game.

The dislikes and comments don’t lie. This trailer was tone-deaf on Square Enix’s part, and I have to discourage anyone from pre-ordering. I don’t care how much you want that silly art book, bonus mission or alternate costumes. Don’t do it. Buy the game if it’s good,support the developers, but don’t pre-order.

At this point, I’m getting fed up with S-E’s crap reguarding Pre-orders

Now I don’t usually report Negative news on Nintendo, but this was the Third Strike in the load of BS and bad PR that the gaming industry accumulated this week where I’m Concerned

Some of the most impressive Super Mario creations took years to make—and now they’re gone, at least on YouTube.

Earlier this month, speedrunner Alex “PangaeaPanga” tweeted that his YouTube channel had been “wrecked.” Taking a closer look, I noted that even the popular video titled Item Abuse 3—which was billed as the “hardest Super Mario World level ever”—was taken down from the service after accruing over a million views. Alex says there’s a reason for that: Nintendo is becoming more aggressive on YouTube when it comes to tool-assisted speedruns (or, in other words, playthroughs of Mario games that utilize emulators.)

Alex says that he was sent the following email by Nintendo, alleging that his videos were infringing on Nintendo’s rights and which called out tool-assisted speedruns in particular due to them requiring an unauthorized (read pirated) copy of their games:

Update – 9:14pm: Alex has clarified to us that he didn’t receive the letter from Nintendo but, rather, saw that another YouTuber who makes similar videos had claimed to receive it and had posted it to Pastebin. That YouTuber, who goes by the handle @switchPCorner, also says that Nintendo cracked down on their channel. Apologies for the confusion.

We wish to inform you that the videos in question infringe Nintendo’s copyrights. As the owner of the copyright in the games: Mario Kart 8, Super Mario World, and Pokémon, Nintendo has the exclusive right to perform the games publicly or to make derivative works based on the games. By making a derivative work using Nintendo’s IP, and then displaying Nintendo’s IP on your YouTube channel, you have violated Nintendo’s exclusive rights.

Nintendo understands that its fans are the reason for its success, and we are always happy to see people share their passion for Nintendo’s games. At the same time, Nintendo’s intellectual property constitutes its most valuable assets, and the unauthorized use of these assets jeopardizes Nintendo’s rights. Because of this, we ask that you please remove the video in question from your channel, and confirm that you will not post any videos using unauthorized software or copies of games, distribute or continue work on the modification, or take any other steps that would infringe Nintendo’s rights.

Nintendo encourages fan engagement on YouTube through the Nintendo Creators Program. Under the program, participants are granted a license to use Nintendo’s characters, games, and other intellectual property, subject to the Code of Conduct included with the agreement. However, please note that this Code of Conduct prohibits you, among other things, from posting any content using unauthorized software or copies of games. This includes videos featuring tool-assisted speedruns, which require making a copy of a game’s ROM file, and running the copied ROM through an emulator. If you are interested in learning more about the Nintendo Creators Program, please see:

Thank you for your understanding.


Nintendo Anti-Piracy Team

Alex told me that while he’s not leaving from the speedrunning scene entirely, the YouTube situation hinders his ability to be involved.

“It just hurts to see how two very active communities that I participate in, the hacking community (SMWCentral, a site dedicated to SMW hacking) and TASing community (TASVideos, a site dedicated to TASes) are being targeted.

“It is also sad to see how these works that I have made throughout my childhood (including the Item Abuse series) are now being removed from YouTube (80% of my videos were removed), and that goes for people from these communities, not just me.”

To wit, other Super Mario fans on TAS forums are noting that some of their favorite Super Mario speedrun videos around the web are disappearing, and other tool-assisted content creators say they’re being forced to take down their videos, too:

We’ve reached out to Nintendo to ask about the situation regarding tool-assisted Super Mario videos online, and will update this post should we hear anything back. In the past, Nintendo’s approach to YouTube has been criticized by prominent YouTubers such as Pewdiepie for not being mutually beneficial enough.

This new wrinkle is tricky because, well, Nintendo is within their full right to take down videos of this nature, especially if they involve games that were never purchased (worth noting that some TAS speedrunners do runs on actual carts, though). At the same time, players like Alex have devoted years to showing off what makes classic Nintendo games great, sometimes even raising money for charity at speedrunning events. Entire communities have formed around tool-assisted speedruns, and video is one of the major ways these communities show off their work.

“Yes I respect Nintendo, and yes I still plan on playing Mario Maker and making ridiculously hard levels there,” Alex said. “But it is a shame that if us content creators do want to showcase and display our levels to the public, then we are restricted to do it on Super Mario Maker instead of the way we have always done.”

At this point, I finally Gave up on the gaming industry, I still will be buying the Amiibo 3 pack today or sunday along with Super mario maker and Castle crashers. heres a video from Craigheadpro(cynicism of Craig) summed up my Frustration with the gaming industry 

in addition Here is my statement posted either wednesday or thursday following the TAS takedown by nintendo(applies to them and the gaming industry as well)

I have been Increasingly becoming burnt out With Constant shady tactics By AAA companies such as DLC abuse, Microtransactions, Day 1 DLC and BS youtube polices. The video game industry(inc Nintendo) needs to Wake up and realize that they can’t continue like this or there will be consequences ranging from a total Loss of consumer Confidence that will lead to a 1996 comic book style Video game crash to congress cracking down on the Game industry’s Anti Consumer Practices

Update: to explain how Nintendo’s situation could get worse, if their new CEO(which won’t be decided until late October) ransacks the company, I will let a reddit user explain why the next Nintendo CEO could Ransack and tank the company

As a gamer and lifelong Nintendo fan, I want another Iwata in place. Someone who is a gamer first and a business man second. But it’s ultimately the board who will decide the next CEO and I have less confidence in them, especially considering reports that some board members wanted to go full mobile and whore out Nintendo characters.

From the perspective of the board of directors – Nintendo has been losing. Wii U flopped and the last few quarters have been shaky financially. As a board member, I take this as a sign to bring in someone new and refocus the company. That may not be a good thing for us. Hopefully I’m proven wrong. I would love to be.

and further problems that could lead to a konami style situation at nintendo

Money. Look at almost every company there is. They start losing money, make changes, and 90% of the time they either tank the company or the company completely changes it’s focus. The only company I can think of off the top of my head that radically changed their approach and succeeded was Lego. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want it to happen, but I don’t see any way that Nintendo is the same company it was with iwata at the helm. Noone is safe, even miyamoto could be dropped at any time. Look at kojima with konami for proof of that.

Update 2: The Message from nintendo could be fake and potentially suspicious according to MFGG and SMW central’s DarkMatt


It sounds fishy and trollbait. Not the copyright claim because that’s normal Nintendo copyright protection which has been a thing since years ago, but what followed afterwards. I sincerely doubt the e-mail is real, and instead of someone just going “nintendo sucks”, they expressed their ire by spreading frivolous lies. Kotaku is bad anyway, and I did a quick search and couldn’t find anyone else not basing their article off Kotaku’s. (which is also bad)

My point isn’t that Nintendo doesn’t suck, it’s that the cherry on top looks fake, irrelevant, and just made to spread pointless hatred, when only the tinge of “Nintendo jesus christ why do you feel the need to gut your own free advertising” is necessary.

Still I stand by My Warning to the Gaming industry(despite Darkmatt and Curtisbonds hinting that the email may be suspicious, The video game industry (inc Nintendo) needs to change or the situation will lead to a video game crash or Worse


Windows 10 Review

Part Six of Six

NOTE: You can get Windows 10(only if you have a Genuine(activated) version of windows 8.1 or 7) through Microsoft via a Media based upgrade on thier software download site(in addition to Windows Update). If you don’t have Windows 7 or 8.1(or a genuine version in general) at a local retailer like Micro center or Best Buy.

after beta testing Windows 10 through the insider program, I was prepared for the new os, though most of my family upgraded to 10 not that long ago only a few(my father and my brother) are holding off until certain things are delt with(renewing the antivirus subscription, cleaning the registry in windows, etc) before they transition to said os.

So far Windows 10 offically Combines the best of Windows 7 with Windows 8(though You can Reinstate the start Screen by Going into the Settings menu and go into Personalization and then Start). there is not much changes on windows 10 final (though feature updates will augment the experience later).

the store is now out of beta and without any hiccups(though microsoft broke and later fixed that feature through their cumulative update system). the Xbox app is still the same as it was in beta, just more fine tuned than it was and added a more better quality streaming mode(Very High). The Mail, calander and People app got some minor changes but nothing major. other than that there is nothing for me to say on the app front.

cortana is also out of beta with little to no changes in design. in addition task view has not changed much other than it is faster to activate now.

Windows 10 will have some old features and new features over the course of the os’s lifetime

Konami means Orwellian in japanese

Apparently Konami is in the News again but this time Nikkei Called them out Here’s Gamepolitics and Kotaku’s take on this Mess

Nikkei’s report alleges that the culture at the corporation’s video game division, famous for its console games, worsened in around 2010 when a mobile title called Dragon Collection became a smash hit. As a social game for phones, development costs were low and profit returns were huge. Not long after, the report says, Konami’s corporate bosses shifted the company’s focus away from traditional, hardcore games and towards cheaper, and potentially more lucrative social titles.

(Somewhat related, the same Nikkei report says that Metal Gear Solid 5’s development costs have surpassed 10 billion yen/US$80 million).

In a country where mobile gaming has exploded in popularity, the fact Konami has pivoted to this type of offering isn’t in itself surprising. What is, however, are some of the office conditionsNikkei reports have arisen as a result of the shift, especially with regards to how Konami treats employees.

Here’s a breakdown of the Nikkei piece’s allegations. Some of it we’ve heard before. Some of it is new:

  • Kojima Productions, the studio behind the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V (and long famous as a brand of its own), is now simply known as “Number 8 Production Department.” The computers in this section, Nikkei says (and as we reported earlier this year), are allegedly not connected to the internet and are only able to send internal messages.

  • Nikkei reports that employees leaving the company offices during their lunch break are having their absences monitored with time cards. Those who stay out too long are having their names announced throughout the company.

  • That there are cameras in the office corridors that aren’t there for security, but rather to monitor the movements of Konami’s own employees.

  • That most Konami employees do not have their own permanent company email addresses. Staff who must deal with people outside the company, such as sales and PR do; however, everyone else routinely has their address randomised and changed every few months. (Note: Konami employee emails are typically a few letters followed by a string of numbers, but this random email changing has been going on at Konami for years. A while back, one Konami employee told me this was done to prevent headhunting. Over the years, I have seen developers with company email addresses, but this might have changed recently.)

  • That Konami game developers who aren’t seen as useful are reassigned to jobs as security guards, cleaning staff at the company’s fitness clubs or roles at a pachi-slot machine factory. This includes not just junior staff, but producers who have worked on well-known game titles. In 2013, Asahi News, one of Japan’s largest newspapers, ran an interview with a former Konami staffer who allegedly went from game development to working in Konami’s pachi-slot factory, causing him to experience severe depression.

  • That one former employee, upon announcing on Facebook that they were leaving Konami and had got a new job elsewhere, had their post monitored. Nikkei says remaining Konami staff who “liked” the post were all reshuffled within the company.

As far as I know, The conditions of Konami proved that they are in meltdown mode right now, This type of behaviour(in konami) makes me concerned about Nintendo and calling for them to be acquired by Microsoft or Comcast NBCUniversal before the situation Gets Worse in the Japanese Video Game industry and ultimately The Worldwide Video game industry.

I hope for Konami Digital Entertainment’s employees will be able to get better jobs outside Konami

Windows 10 Insider Preview Phase 3

This is part five of Six in my transition to Windows 10, in addition we are 26 days away from the launch of Windows 10

Note: had to consolidate coverage of the following builds(10049 to 10162)

It has been a long time since my last blog post regarding Windows 10 and a lot has changed since then. the first thing that was changed in phase in The all New Microsoft Edge browser(introduced in 10049 as project Spartan and renamed to it’s official name in build 10158). Alarm, clocks, Calculator and voice have been updated to Windows 10 Style at the same time as Microsoft Edge debuted(Most Apps(Such as MSN News, Weather and Sports didn’t transition until build 10061).

Xbox Music and video Were renamed to Microsoft Movies/TV and Music(for unknown Reasons), though we’ll likely see similar changes When Xbox One gets it’s New Xbox Experience (Windows 10 Style) Dashboard later this year.

In 10159 they finally changed the Login screen to have the Windows 10 Hero theme as well as Rearrange the login screen to what will be it’s final look before 10 debuts

The start Menu has now become resizeable in 10061 for extra room to access Windows 8/8.1/10 Apps

Finally The Xbox App has been Constantly updated to Have Access to the Avatars App and Game Streaming, which makes it easier to stream to twitch without having to use the twitch app

My final thoughts on Windows 10 insider Preview and Technical Preview is that it’s a great Experience and I can’t wait until I get my hands on Windows 10

Remember the Comment about Me calling for Nintendo and Comcast NBCUniversal to team up

It happened(though Not exactly the plan that I had in mind) heres the report from

Nintendo is about to invade Universal Studios theme parks in a major way. The Wii U and 3DS makers has inked a deal with Universal Parks & Resorts to create rides and attractions at Universal theme parks based on Nintendo’s most popular franchises and characters. The deal is part of a new initiative Nintendo announced earlier this year to better leverage its owned properties. It is a deal similar to what it inked with mobile publisher DeNA to bring its IP to the mobile gaming space.

“The immersive experiences will include major attractions at Universal’s theme parks and will feature Nintendo’s most famous characters and games.” Nintendo said in its announcement today. “More details will be announced in the future, as the Nintendo and Universal creative teams work to create specific concepts.”

No doubt its biggest franchises and characters like Mario and Link will be front and center in some way. Details on when these new themed rides and attractions will be available to the public is unknown as of this writing.

I am Very Cautiously optimistic about the deal, If it succeeds, Comcast NBCUniversal Could try to Make a new Deal to use Nintendo’s IP’s to Make Movies and TV shows based on a hypothetical Nintendo Cinematics Universe. If it Fails, Well it was a good Experiment.

If nintendo announces a deal with them(reguarding Movies and TV shows) tonight (through the shareholders Meeting), I will be Celebrating it.

Update: The General shareholders Meeting is June 26, I regret the Error.

Windows 10 Technical Preview Phase 1(build 9926) and Phase 2(build 10041) thoughts

This is part four of Six in my transition to Windows 10

after Trying out Windows 10 preview on my Laptop, I tried out some of the New features on said os. the first build has gotten the start menu back(though The Start screen can Be reactivated though the full screen button and vice versa) along with a new app for Xbox one to control the console from the computer, called the Xbox app you can check on your friends throughout the Xbox Live service and eventually allow you to play Xbox one games from the Computer(provided they launch it down the road). Task view is a Very good feature If you want to put your Work stuff(that you have open) in one Desktop and your recreational apps(That you have open) in another, i.e. If i have to put chrome on one Desktop and my Windows 10 facebook app on the other.

Cortana(named after the Halo character of the same name) plays a similar role like siri where you can set reminders or you can search through Cortana(FULL DISCLOSURE: the siri style service, Cortana was introduced on Windows Phone 8.1).

in Phase 2, which took long to install. introduced new Changes. They introduced Transparency in the start Menu(blending Modern with areo). for some unknown reason, the Mail, calendar and People app are unavailable for this build. The Lock screen also takes advantage of the extra space that it was given to them moving things around and circling the login screen picture

Stay tuned for future Updates on my transition to Windows 10

Windows 8 Midterm Review(windows 8.1 and windows 8.1 update 1)

Part Three of six on my transition to windows 10(note that this is an original review, not even posted on Facebook)

Windows 8 had Flaws and Bad ideas that were Corrected by Windows 8.1 and it is a great update to Windows 8.

For the store, it has been revamped to be more user friendly on windows 8.1 such as search and making it easier to use(in Update 1 the Store has been Made even more User Friendly for PC’s and Laptops). other than that they also add the ability to use Windows Store Gift Cards(in the same vein as Xbox gift cards are used on Xbox 360 and Xbox one).

The Start Screen has received a Extremely Noticeable Revamp, All apps no longer need to be accessed by left clicking the empty areas on the Start screen, instead a button on the start screen has now been added to access the start screen(in Update 1 there is now a power button and a search button for PC users on the Start Screen). All apps now have the ability to be organized in many ways and that 4 apps can be snapped to the screen at any time. The apps can now be downsized to a smaller level(desktop icon sized) or Upsized into a extra large live tile for the app. Personalization also got an update and is no longer accessible from PC Settings(instead given it’s own option on the Windows settings Sidebar). In Personalization you can use 2 separate colors for the Start and Login screens and even Put your desktop background on the start screen.

For the Desktop, Nothing New has changed in 8.1 except the readdition of the Start button on the Taskbar(in Update 1 there are special settings that will allow you to boot to the desktop without having to goto the start screen)

Eventually Windows 8.1 Will be replaced by Windows  10 later this year.

Part 4(Windows 10 Tech Preview) will be coming in the next few days

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